‘THE IDEAL’ Lash Aftercare Kit

Secret Escape Beautè by J.Marie LLC

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  • ‘THE IDEAL’ is the PERFECT all inclusive aftercare kit for lash extensions! This kit can also be used for natural lashes and/or lash strips! It’s everything you need to wash & take care of your lashes! Washing your lash extensions help remove any dirt,buildup, makeup etc.  It also will help keep your natural lashes clean and strong.  Clean natural  lashes = Longer lasting lash extensions. Remember that! Also, washing your lash strips & cleaning the glue off your natural lashes will help your lash strips last longer and keep your natural lashes strong and healthy as well. A little of the lash shampoo goes a long way!
  • To see all instructions on how to clean your lashes properly, go to ‘THE O.G’ Lash Shampoo section and read the instructions in the description. 

What’s Included:

  • ’THE O.G’ Lash Shampoo (1) 
  • Black Mini HandHeld Lash Fan (1)
  • USB Charging cord (1)
  • Red Glitter Lash Spoolies (2)
  • Cleansing Brush (1) 
  • Plastic Wash Bottle (1)